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Zeba Shoes Reviews 2024

Zeba Shoes Reviews

Discover honest Zeba Shoes Reviews: comfort, style, and durability insights from real customers to help you make the best footwear choice.
Zeba Shoes designs hands-free footwear that is easy to slip on and off with minimal effort. Their shoelaces only need to be tied once, eliminating the need to bend down repeatedly.

How Does Zeba Shoes Work?

Zeba creates athletic shoes for both men and women, offering long-lasting comfort similar to regular sneakers but without the hassle of constantly retying laces. The boots come in various colors, from blush pink to steel onyx, and are available in extra wide and medium-width sizes. The company prioritizes customer comfort and convenience, as detailed in the FAQ section on its website.

Manufacturing Location

Although many Americans prefer products made in the USA, Zeba Shoes are manufactured in China. The company states that this decision was necessary to maintain the feasibility of their business due to the custom nature of their products.

Zeba Shoes Reviews
Zeba Shoes Reviews

Arch Support

Zeba shoes provide arch support comparable to regular sneakers. Customers who need additional support can replace the insoles with their preferred inserts.

Care Instructions

Zeba shoes are not machine washable but can be easily cleaned with wet wipes and disinfectant spray.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Testimonials on Zeba’s website and Facebook page highlight the comfort and ease of use of their shoes, especially for individuals with chronic pain or disabilities. While reviews on Amazon are limited, they generally praise the brand for its stylish and comfortable designs. However, some customers have reported sizing issues and dissatisfaction with customer service.

Zeba Shoes Reviews
Zeba Shoes Reviews

Customer Service

To contact Zeba’s customer service, call 201-815-8852 or email [email protected]. The company offers a return policy that allows for a full refund within thirty days of purchase.

Cost & Price Plans

Most Zeba shoes are priced at $159.99 but are currently on sale for $139.99.

Where to Buy

Zeba shoes can be purchased from their website or on Amazon. They also have a retail location in Las Vegas and are sold at Tip Top Shoes in New York City.

Zeba Shoes Reviews
Zeba Shoes Reviews

Competitors and Alternatives

Zeba’s competitors include Kizik and Vans. Kizik offers slip-on sneakers and dress shoes designed for ease of wear, with prices ranging from $59.00 to $139.00. Vans, known for its comfortable slip-on options for adults and kids, offers customizable shoes with prices from $50.00 to $80.00. Both brands have received positive reviews for comfort, style, and functionality, though some customers have noted issues with sizing and quality.

The Bottom Line

Zeba Shoes has quickly gained a loyal following due to its innovative, comfortable, and easy-to-wear designs. While they offer high-quality products, there are also more affordable alternatives available. If you have any experience with Zeba Shoes, please share your reviews.

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